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Concrete Patios

Are you considering a concrete base for your backyard or common area? Perhaps your home or business need a concrete patio before your patio cover goes up. Maybe your current space is being remodeled. Concrete placement is central to most finished outdoor spaces. Concrete surface can be created in very little time and requiring minimal maintenance. Factory Direct Patios designs and installs concrete slabs and walkways for a variety of uses both commercial and residential.

Solid features

The Concrete Advantage

The use of concrete patios for extended living space is very popular. Beyond outdoor seating, concrete patios are great foundations for outdoor kitchens, jacuzzis and much more.

Long Lasting

Concrete can last well over a decade.

Quick Turn-Around

Most projects can be completed with a couple of days


Concrete patios offer great value

High Maintenance

Concrete requires little maintenance, especially when covered.

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Concrete Footings

For patio cover installations you may need to have concrete footings installed. Depending on the scope of your project these may be required. We offer footing installation even on existing slabs as you can see in the photos to the right. Our crew works fast to deliver a quality product that your family will enjoy for years to come.

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From our Customers


I had a very large patio project that was estimated to take 4 days. I was thrilled when Frank and his crew completed it in 2. The results are fantastic. NOW ITS SPA TIME. Thanks Frank

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