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A patio cover creates a new space that's all your own. A place to create new memories and enjoy the company of friends and family. Make the most of your downtime and make the most of your space.

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We leverage our relationships with the top three factory suppliers to offer more material choices at the best prices for our customers. Having such choices offers valuable flexibility when selecting a product that best fits your home improvement needs and budget. Whether you want to go basic or elaborate, we’re confident we can supply and install a custom build patio cover within any reasonable budget!

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Buyer Beware

They may look the same..

Elitewood Classic, Alumawood & Weatherwood, when held side by side, look the exact same; however, Elitewood Classic has 25% thicker gauge aluminum beams and has a primer coat of paint.  So, don’t be fooled!  All 3 aluminum patio cover products feature a light cedar wood texture & Teflon paint coating.  Although the Teflon coating does provide added shininess to the finish, there’s no comparison to the Kynar 500 paint finish on the Elitewood Ultra product.  

So, if you’re trying to decide between Elitewood Classic vs. Alumawood or Weatherwood, go with the Elitewood Classic.  It has a better warranty and is installed by more qualified contractors.  
Another good reason for selecting the Four Seasons product is that Elitewood Ultra & Elitewood Classic can only be purchased by licensed & insured contractors with long standing reputable businesses; Four Seasons Building Products is all about quality and doesn’t sell its materials to just anybody and therefore, startup companies, and unlicensed individuals will typically use the Alumawood or Weatherwood products since a contractor’s license or insurance is not required to purchase materials from those two manufacturers.

Patio Product Comparison

What is the difference between our 3 Product Manufacturers?

Our most popular patio cover products are offered by Four Seasons Building Products. Made in the USA, this product offers a superior build. The two-part priming process prior to painting ensures a long lasting color. Built with a thicker gauge of aluminum verses imported products, these patio covers are sure to last longer too.

There are 2 brands of Elitewood aluminum patio covers - Elitewood Ultra and Elitewood Classic, both manufactured by Four Seasons Building Products. Elitewood Ultra is the superior patio cover product on the market.  It features the most beautiful and realistic deep driftwood texture, 25% thicker gauge aluminum beams, and an impenetrable Kynar 500 paint coating; it’s the only patio cover product that has a non-staining coating system. This can’t be said for all the other patio covers products which can stain if not properly maintained.  

Read more about our Elitewood Series Lattices and Pergolas by clicking here.

ALUMAWOOD is aluminum that has been embossed, painted and manufactured into shapes that resemble wood (cedar). The finished product is a beautiful, low maintenance shade cover.

Unlike real wood, ALUMAWOOD shade structures won’t burn, attract termites, crack, peel, warp or rot.

Alumawood covers 1 year on labor.  
Weatherwood covers 1 year on labor.  

Answer common questions

Does it matter which manufacturer I use? ›

It certainly does! See our product comparison above for more details.

How do I get financing? ›

On approved credit, home improvement loans are available; please note these are NOT second trust deed loans, refinances and/or mortgages in any way. These loans are based on personal credit & income and is complete separated from your property. This service can be quick and easy solution to get your project funded without spending you any of your cash reserves; the process is easy and quick and can usually fund within a couple of days. Click Here to learn more about loan amounts, interest rates and terms and conditions.

What is the warranty for your products? ›

Four Seasons Building Products maintains the strongest warranties available in the industry today. These warranties guarantee that your purchase will not peel, blister, flake, chip, split or crack. Our Lifetime Limited Warranties offer each homeowner lifetime coverage and are fully-transferable to subsequent owners. You can rest assured knowing that your purchase will remain beautiful for years to come.

Elitewood Ultra comes with a 30-year materials warranty & 10-year labor warranty.  This warranty also covers fading and chalking, in which no other patio cover product covers.  
Elitewood Classic comes with a 15 year warranty on materials and 3 years on the labor.

Elitewood Classic looks the same as Alumawood  Weatherwood, but is made by different manufacturers.  Elitewood Classic is manufactured by Four Seasons Building Products, is made in the USA and offers a thicker aluminum material (.032).  Alumawood is manufactured by Amerimax; Weatherwood is manufactured by Duralum in which both offer much thinner (.024) aluminum products..  

 Alumawood & Weatherwood only cover 1 year on labor.  

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